FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Group buying, is also known as collective buying. When you participate in a groupbuy deal, you have the chance of buying a supplement at a discounted (wholesale) price.

For example, Bio-life Flaxseed Oil is usually RM97.50 per set but if you choose to buy in group, you can get it for RM87.75. each.

To get the discounted price, you need to fulfill our minimum purchase quantity (usually 3 sets). If you are getting just one set, you just need to find two more friends to buy together with you. And all will get the discounted price RM87.75.
On the product description page, you will find a group buy button on the bottom right corner. Click the button and you will be able to see the group buy condition.

Select the quantity you need and checkout as per normal. Once you completed checking out, your group buy deal is live - and you can start getting people to buy together with you.
You can only join a group buy deal when you are invited by a friend or family who started or joined a deal.

Alternatively, you can visit our Facebook Group - Members are allowed to promote their group buy deal here.
After you started a group buy deal, you can start sharing the deal with your friends and family on social media. The goal is to fulfill the minimum purchase quantity.
Your payment will be refunded in 24 hours if the group buy is unsuccessful.

You can immediately start another deal and get more people to join your deal this time.
Yes, we do offer free shipping for all purchases above RM200.

However, do note that pending group buying deals (the ones that are not successful yet) will not be included in shipping fee calculation.

For example, if you buy a supplement outright without starting a group buy for RM180, and you started a group buy for RM90, you will not be getting free shipping.

If you think you are eligible for free shipping but you don't get your free shipping, kindly contact us via messenger or email and we will refund you the delivery fee.
Yes, within 30 days of purchase. Feel free to check our Refund and Return Policy here.